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Batey Property Development

82 acre parcel creates neighborhood issue.

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Newspaper Reports

July 5, 2017
     A proposal to build 105 homes on one of the few pieces of open space left on Hendersonville's Indian Lake peninsula. Steve Hohulin of Gresham Smith and Partners explained why builders D. R. Horton asked that a 35-acre tract of land known as the Batey farm (owned by that family since the early 1960's) be rezoned from SR-1 to SR-1 Planned Unit Development. The 25% higher density rezoning would allow the building more homes needed to offset the cost of drainage fixes and road improvements that already plague the area.
     The developer would be required to connect Berry Hill Drive with East Drive per the city's Land Use and Transportation Plan. The city would also need to acquire land from at least one other land owner in order to construct the new road.
     Tax records show the Batey family sold two pieces of property - the 35-acre tract on East Drive and Indian Lake Road and 38 acres just across Stuart Drive on Nathan Forest Drive - to Destiny Real Estate Ventures, LLC for $2.7 million in June of 2016.
Hendersonville Standard.Report
Hendersonville City Staff Report - Batey

July 14, 2017
     The Hendersonville Regional Planning Commission denied a developer's request to rezone Batey Property
Hendersonville Standard Report 

October 23, 2107
     Indian Lake Peninsula residents met with Henderson-ville city officials in a 10/23/17 public meeting to discuss a proposal to purchase the Batey Farm property.
When plans to develop the property fell through, the city began conversations with Destiny East Real Estate to look at the possibility of purchasing the property. They are asking $3 million for the property. Many residents seemed willing to help pay for the purchase of the property.
     The city is getting the land appraised, which is due in mid-December, Mayor Clary told residents interested in forming a committee to help fund the purchase to email him. Clary said the next step would be for people to move forward on funding the purchase. The city will get an appraisal and they will move forward from there.
Tennessean Report


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Committee ( left to right): Jeff Cundiff (Secretary), Ken Verble (Chairman), Kim Peel, Len Jannaman, Andy Gilley, Gayle Jones, Jeremy Krejci, and Daniel Olivas [Conn McConnell not present]

Late November
     Mayor Clary formed citizens committee to research the possibilities for purchasing the property. He also ordered an appraisal of Destiny land (73 acres), due mid-December.

Additional property next to Destiny parcels : two 5-acre tracts (approx) owned by Andy Barrett and Jerry Huggins to be part of purchase.

     The committee formed “Friends of Indian Lake Peninsula” association to raise money for purchase, buy the land, and make a charitable donation of the property to the City. The City would construct a park 

Land Trust of Tennessee possible partner in procurement of land

Attention Indian Lake Peninsula Homeowners,

     As many of you know, the "Batey Farm" (73 acres) has been sold to a local firm who intends to sell the property to a Real Estate Developer who will build 140-160 homes on it beginning in 2018.
     In conjunction with the City & Alderman Andy Gilley, and an 8 person ILP resident group, "Friends of Indian Lake Peninsula" has been formed. Our group, led by Ken Verble has been given til 12/31/17 to come up with a solution for the 4,500 ILP property owners to purchase "Batey Farm" to keep it from ever being developed. A meeting for all ILP residents has been scheduled for Monday, January 15th at First Baptist Church, MAIN SANCTUARY at 7:00PM (MLK day) We are currently waiting on word from the local owners as to our request for a time extension of 2/1/18. For more information, please contact me or a "Friends" member or check out
      Please let all your friends, neighbors & teachers know about the meeting.

      Hope to see you all and your neighbors on January 15th,

Kim Peel
Friends of Indian Lake Peninsula.

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