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Bike 'n Walk

Funding for Bike/Ped Projects comes from two sources: Developers and Federal Grants.  Except for a local match required on most Federal Grants, the City rarely pays for these projects.


How Roads Are Funded

User Fees Pay only 51% of road cost!
Driving a Car is highly SUBSIDIZED by Everyone Who Pays Taxes.

Even If bicyclists or pedestrians don't own a car, THEY STILL PAY FOR THE ROADS!

They are entitled to transportation alternatives.

Ref: Johns, Robert, Everyone Pays for Roads, Columbia Tribune, 3/19/12

Johnson, Robert. Everyone Pays for Roads, Columbia Tribune, 3/19/12 

Tony Dutzik and Gideon Weissman, Frontier Group, and Phineas Baxandall, Ph.D, Who Pays for Roads? How the “Users Pay” Myth Gets in the Way of Solving America’s Transportation Problems. U.S. PIRG Education Fund, Spring 2015


The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act became law on 12/4/15. It is a five-year bill that slightly increases funding and some policy. It creates long-term certainty for states, local governments and transportation stakeholders. 

US Bicycle & Pedestrian Spending by Year
Federal TAP Funding

TDOT Grants: Most grant money requires a local match. typically 20%. However, there have been exceptions: TDOT Multimodal grant (5%) and Safe Routes to School (0%). See Local Government Guidelines . 

   Federal Bike/Ped Funding Sources 


Advocacy Advance created Find It, Fund It!, an interactive online tool, to centralize and simplify information about MAP-21 funding eligibility. It has federal funding sources for over 20 types of local bicycle and pedestrian projects 


Neighboring communities have participated in following Active Transportation grants. Hendersonville did not. (2013 MPO BPAC Mtg
- 3 MPO Grants - $12.5 Million each
- 3 TDOT Grants - $10 Million each

FAST Act increased funding for Trans-portation Alternative. MPO plans at least 2 RFP in next planning cycle.

HBPC Plans/Reviews
-North-Central Hville-Feb
-Saundersville CMAQ-Dec 16 
-Greenway Safety Review-Jan 17  
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Hendersonville Department Directors
- Planning: Keith Free
- Public Works: Chip Moore
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