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Bike 'n Walk

Since Mayor Hank Thompson provided Hendersonville with its first Bike/Ped Master Plan, Hendersonville has had many opportunities to implement projects


2000: Mayor Hank Thompson pioneered a Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan. With less than a dozen of 347 cities in Tennessee having such plans, he was way ahead of the time.
- City passed the sidewalk ordinance requiring new construction to have safe routes for pedestrians. (Subdiv Regs: 3-103.1)

2003: Mayor Jim Fuqua established a Bike and Pedestrian Review Committee.
- It terminated in 2005.

2006: Bike/Ped Sub-committee (aka the Greenways Committee and part of Hendersonville Tommorrow Committee initiates effort to obtain greenways.

2009: Hendersonville conducted a Land Use and Transportation charret, included 2006 Revision, and recommended Complete Streets policy.
- Greenways and park added to Streets of Indian Lake

2011: Safe Routes to School grant for Walton Ferry

2012: Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant to build a bike/ped trail along the west shore of Drakes Creek.
- First RFQ received no bids.

2014: Hendersonville gets its FIRST Bike Lanes on Gallatin Rd.

2016: Sanders Ferry Greenway received additional funding and let out for bids
- Second RFQ received one bid that was significantly over budget.
- Redesign underway.

2016: Saundersville Greenway grant request submitted as CMAQ project linking library with Lower Station Camp Greenway
- City not awarded grant. Cancels project to focus on Sanders Ferry Greenway 

2009 Land Use and Transportation Plan

Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning Section

Overview Includes:
- Cost estimates
- Route Maps
- Discussion of Complete Streets

Highlights Need for a non-profit group to create an agenda for change.
- Participate in design meetings
- Pursue solutions and decisions that
achieve the community objectives.

In order to encourage citizen input, a DRAFT Review of this Plan is available on the Bike/Pedestrian Committee BLOG.

Hendersonville Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan
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Typical Bike/Ped Master Plan Outline

Executive Summary & Introduction
Background Information
Purpose of Plan
Planning Process
Planning Goals
End Product

Existing Conditions
Data Collection
Existing & Planned Bike/Ped Facilities
Existing Traffic Conditions
Bike/Ped Trip Generators

Potential Corridors
Opportunities & Constraints
Potential Corridors

Implementation & Recommendations
Recommended Bike/Ped Plan
Key Recommendations
Other Recommendations

Sidewalk Ordinance
Review of Existing Sidewalk Ordinance
Recommendatios for Revisions
Other Key Recommendations

Design Standards
Other Related Local Planning

HBPC Plans/Reviews
-North-Central Hville-Feb
-Saundersville CMAQ-Dec 16 
-Greenway Safety Review-Jan 17  
-Project "TO DO" List  
-Facebook Page

Hendersonville Department Directors
- Planning: Keith Free
- Public Works: Chip Moore
- Parks: Brandon Rogers