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Bike 'n Walk

Memorial Park is approximately in the center of Hendersonville and is on the south side of Gallatin Road. Sections of the multi-use trail in the park are asphalt and concrete (on the geo-tube) and are approximately 5 to 8-ft wide. It is primarily suited for walking.

Memorial Park Greenway

It is the home to Hendersonville's Tennis Courts, Kid's Kingdom, Lacrosse field, and goose population. It has about 1.5 miles of multi-use trails. At the north it crosses Gallatin road and connects with Drakes Creek Park (see Drakes Creek page).


Otherwise known as Envirotubes, woven geotextile fabric 45-ft in circumference was used to connect an island to shore, re-directing a tributary to flush a back water behind the island. It also created a spoil area for dredged material from deepening the river.
The polyester and polypropylene tubes were filled with course and find grain material from the river. The tubes were filled with a hydraulic dredge. 
A concrete walkway on top of the tube now provides a greenway trail from the tiny island park to a secluded wooded reserve. Benches along the route provide places to relax in the solitude with nature.

Memorial Park Greenway

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