Hendersonville Bike and Pedestrian Projects

Bike 'n Walk

Past and Present Bike and Pedestrian Projects with planning and status references

TIP Project #2008-52-034

Widen or replace existing 2-lane Indian Lake Blvd Bridge over SR-386 with a new 6-lane bridge and add extra lane to westbound on-ramp and lengthen this ramp. Bike/ped facilities to be included.

STATUS: Bike/Ped was NOT included.
No Explamation as reason.

2010 SRTS Project 

$192,555 to construct 0.3 mile of sidewalk from Morris Drive north to Jennings in the Hawkins Middle School area. It is an extension of the existing sidewalk / trail which runs from Walton Ferry Elementary School past Windstar Bay and Chesapeake Harbor to Morris Drive and includes a pedestrian bridge.

2012 CMAQ Project
TIP# 2012-56-171, 2017-2020 

$1,190,400 grant for Phase 3 of the Bike Trail System starting at Memorial Park and running south along the west side of Drakes Creek / Old Hickory Lake and along Sanders Ferry Road to Mallard Point.

STATUS: Revisions failed CMAQ
- Public Mtg: 6/27/13
- Grant was for a 5-mile route
- Only able to do 1 mile
- Future - Under review


2003:Grant to build trail between Nanny Berry and Wessington Schools
TDOT TEP LP#3867 and LP#3868
STP-EN-9307(9) & STP-EN-9307(10)

STATUS: Not constructed as proposed.
- Insufficient funds
- Cost errors by Engineering firm

2009: Halo completed the failed TEP project with walking trails, playgrounds and other recreational amenities that added "outdoor living space" to nearly 400-acre Indian Lake Village.

The unofficial Bike and Pedestrian Committee continues to work in a pro-active mode to provide input to city administrators to indentify and prioritize opportunities that directly effect bicycling and walking.  Interested parties are encouraged to contact the committee via email, the Master Plan blog, or Facebook.


Located near the four-way stop sign at the corner of Indian Lake Road and East Drive these prime acres are ideal for a park.

Batey Farm

Consisting of two parcels totaling eighty-two-plus acres, it is the only large tract of land remaining undeveloped on the peninsula. Recently, a locally owned real estate developer purchased it for sale to a subdivision development group.

Almost everyone on the peninsula seem against the land being developed into a subdivision and are considering purchase of the property

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Maintaining bike routes throughout Sumner County is a priority for Bike 'n Walk Hendersonville.  At times the official TN State Bike Routes have debris which makes them unsafe.  Please contact us about trouble spots with specific locations and photographs and we will forward that information to TDOT.  We will add your report and confirm status on our "TO DO" list.

HBPC Plans/Reviews
-North-Central Hville-Feb
-Saundersville CMAQ-Dec 16 
-Greenway Safety Review-Jan 17  
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Hendersonville Department Directors
- Planning: Keith Free kfree@hvilletn.org
- Public Works: Chip Moore jmoore@hville.org
- Parks: Brandon Rogers brogers@hvilletn.org.