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Bike 'n Walk

Station Camp Greenway consists of two trails: the completed Lower Station Camp Greenway (LSCG), and the planned Upper Station Camp Greenway (USCG). LSCG is on the northeast Hendersonville border and parallels Lower Station Camp Creek from Long Hollow Pike to Cannon Crossing.

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Trails service Station Camp Middle and High Schools, connecting to Big Station Camp Road. 

The USCG traverses along the creek from Long Hollow Pike
to the future school campus on Upper Station Camp Creek Road.

HBPC Plans/Reviews
-North-Central Hville-Feb
-Saundersville CMAQ-Dec 16 
-Greenway Safety Review-Jan 17  
-Project "TO DO" List  
-Facebook Page

Hendersonville Department Directors
- Planning: Keith Free
- Public Works: Chip Moore
- Parks: Brandon Rogers