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Bike 'n Walk

The Nashville Area MPO is the federally-designated transportation planning agency for Davidson, Maury, Robertson, Rutherford, SUMNER, Williamson, and Wilson counties. It has the authority to plan, prioritize, and select transportation projects for federal funding through Federal Highway Administration and ensuring the region is compliant with federal planning and ambient air quality standards.

Listing of Past Sumner County Plans

History of Sumner County Plans

Bike/Ped Master Plan

The last Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for Sumner County was prepared in 2000.

2017 Long Hollow Corridor

This 111-page study provides a comprehensive blueprint for growth along the Long Hollow Pike Corridor in addition to the 2035 Comp plan.  It encompasses a total of 23,640 acres of land and breaks down future land use into five areas: natural, rural, suburban, village (commercial), and special (institutional facilities).

Long Hollow "Ad hoc" Committee

An "ad hoc" committee has formed to update the corridor study producing a plan that integrates smart development while protecting the quality of life in the Long Hollow Pike area.  It is composed of residents, county commissioners, and local business professionals and will seek local citizen input 

Objectives of Corridor Study Update

• Preserve environmentally sensitive areas and open space
• Preserve and reinforce the area’s rural and historic character
• Foster walk able neighborhoods and offer a high quality of life
• Create a broad range of housing choices
• Provide limited mixed-use areas that are pedestrian friendly
• Provide recreational and cultural amenities, including greenways.
• Provide a variety of transportation choices and high quality transportation corridors, including connectivity throughout
• Expand economic development opportunities
• Insure policies and process that are equitable to both citizens and developers

Save Upper Station Camp Creek Road

Community movement against urban development or public destination point along the beautiful corridor known as Upper Station Camp Creek Road. This organization was started due to the Sumner County Rugby Field considering putting playing fields in one of our most valued Wetland and cherished natural resource areas.

Life-long residents in Cottontown and the farm families living close to or on Upper Station Camp Creek do not want
- activity destroying the quiet and peaceful quality of life 
- development of any kind that will require large overhead lighting which will disturb the night sky and the surrounding families and farms 
- much additional traffic and noise             

1000 Upper Station Camp is a wetland area that floods with any significant rainfall. It can not support this type of activity or any proposed building structures.


Jenkins Farm property is currently zoned for Estate Homes (min 1 acre). TN HomeSites is proposing to squeeze 668 homes on 171 acres. The full site is 260 acres and 89 acres would remain open space. There would be one entrance at approximately 1687 Saundersville Rd. According to those wh oppose this rezoning, these many homes would strain current infrastructure -- Fire & Police, roads, and schools -- and negatively impact current country charm of this community.

HBPC Plans/Reviews
-North-Central Hville-Feb
-Saundersville CMAQ-Dec 16 
-Greenway Safety Review-Jan 17  
-Project "TO DO" List  
-Facebook Page

Hendersonville Department Directors
- Planning: Keith Free
- Public Works: Chip Moore
- Parks: Brandon Rogers